The Hot Read: The Release of Mughelli and the Drafting of Bradie Ewing


The Atlanta Falcons have released Fullback Ovie Mughelli after being with the club for six seasons.  Mughelli was a star as a Falcon as he helped to establish one of the better running games in the league while blocking for Micheal Turner and company.  Last year Mughelli was limited to only seven games before suffering a season ending injury to his right knee against Detroit.  The Falcons felt the negative aspects of his absence almost immediately as the running game faltered over the final half of the season.  Not only was Mughelli a great blocker, he was an above average receiver out of the back field for Matt Ryan.  Over his career as a Falcon, Mughelli caught 38 passes for 295 yards and 4 touchdowns.  He also carried the ball 30 times for 70 yards and 1 touchdown.  Mughelli was a valuable asset for the Falcons but coming of a major knee injury, they will likely see his performance dip to a sub standard level.  This is what I believe led to his release as well as the Falcons drafting of Bradie Ewing.

His release will be a big hindrance in the running game next season.  However, with the league becoming an ever-growing passing league, a good running game is becoming obsolete.  And with the drafting of Fullback Bradie Ewing in the fifth round, the Falcons seem to be building to a better passing team under Matt Ryan and the new Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.  The former Wisconsin Badger is taking over a much valued position in the Falcons backfield.  During his career at Wisconsin, Ewing caught 28 passes for 328 yards and 2 touchdowns for an 11.7 average per catch.  He also carried the ball 7 times for 33 yards and 2 more touchdowns for the Badgers.  Just by stats alone Ewing seems to be a better receiver and his was rated as the 3rd best fullback in the draft.

If the Falcons can use him right, he could become a much valued last resort for Matt Ryan on dump passes when all of the other receivers are covered or when the pass rush prevents a better read for Matty.  This addition could help the Falcons go score for score with the likes of Green Bay and New Orleans and hopefully get us that elusive playoff victory we have been searching for.

Let’s Go Falcons.