The Falcons and NFL’s Top-100


A couple days ago, the Philadelphia quarterback of note made comments that he felt he was ‘ranked too low’ on the Top-100 NFL players. A couple weeks ago I wrote essentially the same thing, when I wrote that Matt Ryan was probably not going to make the list at all, and that it was a travesty that he didn’t. But now that I hear someone who consistently makes ridiculous comments like Vick complaining about their placement on an unimportant list, I think I am changing my tune.

Vick was whining and complaining about a list that has no impact on wins and losses, has no impact on your performance on the field, has no real impact on anything that is real or tangible at all. His comments that it was a joke was not surprising coming from Mike Vick; here in Atlanta we know Vick very well, and he has not always said the right things. But lets face the facts, based on his performance in 2011, I don’t think Vick deserves a higher place on the list; as a matter of fact, he may not deserve to even be on the list.

That, however, is beside the point. Do I blame Vick for wanting to be listed higher? Not one bit. But it would seem that, as essentially the face of the Eagles franchise, he would not comment on things like this and would be more focused on improving his game and making his team better. I like the approach of guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and even our own Matt Ryan who keep their mouths shut, their head down, grind daily, and work to improve their games. You can see it on a daily basis and by not hearing from them, you know they are out there working.

And that is where Vick has truly failed.