Case Against Tampa’s Aquib Talib Dropped


This isn’t the usual Atlanta Falcons post, but it is about a division foe. Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib was facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an incident that happened in March 2011.

The thought here was that Talib might be released form the team if he were found guilty of the charges and had to serve jail time. The thought was also that he might be released regardless of the decision the court may make. As a result, the Bucs would be without a very solid cornerback, and their defense would be slightly weakened. I would never root for people to be assaulted with a deadly weapon, but Talib always acted like a bad egg, and I wouldn’t be unhappy to have the Buccaneers lost a important defender.

The situation may still warrant the departure of Talib from this team. New head coach Greg Schiano is a no nonsense kind of HC, and he may still cut Talib from the team. The Bucs added Mark Barron in this year’s draft to bolster their secondary, and they signed Eric Wright in the offseason. That being said, their defensive secondary goes from being pretty strong with Talib, to pretty weak without him. I think that Coach Schiano is trying to change the complexion and culture of the team, and removing a guy like Talib is a perfect way of doing that. He has already removed a locker room cancer in Kellen Winslow, and Schiano wouldn’t be past cutting Talib. It is an interesting thing for Falcons fans to keep an eye on, as it could have a great effect on how well our offense operates against Tampa in 2012.