Report from Falcons Minicamp


There are a couple news and notes that came out of yesterday’s minicamp activities that I felt were necessary to pass along from D. Orlando.

The Falcons are apparently convinced Peter Konz will compete for a starting job once training camp begins. We probably won’t see Konz seize a job during this minicamp, but obviously given his past in a historic lineman school (Wisconsin) he can certainly do a lot. The staff is also very impressed in his ability to pick up on both guard and center, as well as his study in the film room. We should all be happy to hear that Konz is doing good things, and that the staff loves the way the guy works. That’s really all you can ever ask of a guy.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Falcons hadn’t given a lot of opportunities for really young or rookie linemen to take starting jobs from day one. One of the guys I mentioned who has experienced this is Mike Johnson, the former Guard and National Champion from Alabama. He didn’t get much of a chance in his rookie year and last year he was injured, but apparently the Falcons are giving him a shot this season. I doubt that he will win a starting Guard job, but he will certainly push the guys around him, and you never know, he may end up starting one day. Or being a very solid backup.

The Falcons receivers were also on display today. There has been talk about a more high flying attack. Granted these plays were in a non-contact minicamp in t-shirts and shorts, but you absolutely have to check out this video. It definitely got me fired up for this next season.