Welcome Blogging Dirty’s New Writers!


Blogging Dirty has been looking to add to our staff in order to bring more opinions on all topics involving the Falcons, and affecting the Falcons indirectly. I am proud to say that we have added two more writers to our staff in the past couple days.

I would like to introduce the Blogging Dirty readership to John Lowderman. John is a very talented writer with a tremendous amount of experience through both his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia, as well as in graduate school. The work he does to this day involves writing, and it shows; John features outstanding writing in his career, and that will continue to be reflected in his writing here at Blogging Dirty. Just check out his first two BD articles the first dubbing Jacquizz Rodgers with the nickname “The Ankle Breaker”, and his second comparing 2011 Wide Receiver draft picks A.J. Green and Atlanta’s own Julio Jones. The both are informative, mixed with a good sense of humor.

The second staff writer that I would like to introduce is John Dunlap. John is a great writer, student of the game, student of history, and Falcons fan. John was a very close friend of mine in college at Georgia Southern University, and I know he is well versed in football: we coached a little league football team together. John and I don’t always agree on everything from a football perspective, but that is good for you the readers, as it will bring a good balance and mix of opinions on all things Falcons. He recently posted an article talking about how Tampa Bay’s Eric Wright was recently arrested, and how it disrupts their plans for the defensive secondary.

All Falcons fans, Blogging Dirty regulars, and newcomers to our site alike should keep their eyes peeled for content coming from these two writers. They both have great football minds, a passion for the Falcons, and consistently bring fresh ideas on the game of football. Stay tuned, and go Falcons!