Atlanta Falcon’s Fantasy Value for 2012


I am sure most of you know what fantasy football is, and I am sure most of you play the game. Being a Falcons fan, and an avid fantasy football player, I am here to share my opinion on the Falcon’s fantasy values in the 2012 season.

Matt Ryan, QB

Matt Ryan is a solid option for your starting QB in 2012. I have him ranked #10 on my board, and would feel pretty good if I got him in the 6th round. I expect about 4100 yards and 30 TDs. There are definitely better options than Matt Ryan for your quarterback position, but there are upside for getting Matt Ryan in such a late round. You can improve your other positions by drafting them earlier. That is something to think about when waiting on Ryan.

Roddy White, WR

Many think this season, Julio Jones will surpass Roddy White as the best fantasy WR on the Falcons, and I am here to disagree. While I think there will be a bit of a drop off from past seasons, but I fully expect him to have around 100 receptions and 1200 yards. 7 TDs is a solid estimate for this upcoming season. What does this mean? It means Roddy is as safe a WR #1 this season as any. White is a safe keeper selection for a few more years.

Julio Jones, WR

Julio Jones is another solid fantasy option this season. I believe Julio is a borderline #1 WR, but a very solid WR #2. As Falcon’s fans, you are sure to know that we saw Julio really develop last season. He had 5 100+ yards receiving last season, but also some days that we saw very little production. I feel this season Julio’s numbers improve, and he finishes with about 1100 yards and 7 TDs. If you are In a keeper league, Julio is worth keeping for many years, as he will only improve through the years.

Michael Turner, RB

Michael Turner has been a solid #1 RB for many years in the past, but as he hits age 30, you should expect a drop off from Turner this season. I would feel good about drafting Turner in the 4th round, as your 2nd RB. He is not going to put up the 1,340 yards he did last season. I expect about 1000 yards, and 9 TDs. This means you should see a spike in production from other RBs such as Jaquizz Rogers and Jason Snelling.

Tony Gonzalez, TE

Tony Gonzalez has always been a great fantasy TE, and I don’t expect that to change. While he won’t be putting up Rob Gronkowski type numbers, he will be a very solid option. I expect around the same numbers as last season (which he had 875 yards, and 7 TDs). That is a good estimate for this season.

Thanks for reading. If there is any other player you would like me to analyze, feel free to tell me. Until next time, Cam is signing off.