2012 NFL Season Over/Under Win Totals: NFC South


Vegas has recently released their 2012 Over/Under Win totals for the 2012 season. What this is is Vegas’ prediction on how many wins each team will get. I will take these predictions and go through them division by division, and break it down. Because I write for an Atlanta Falcon’s website, I will start off by analyzing the predictions for the NFC South.

New Orleans Saints:10 Wins

The Saint’s off season was easily the most controversial of any team. They not only had the biggest scandal since Spy Gate, but also faced the biggest penalty in recent memory from Roger Goodell. The only good news from the offseason is they re-signed star QB Drew Brees, giving him a historical contract. They lost Robert Meachem to free agency, but that doesn’t concern me too much. What does concern me is the lack of coaching, as Sean Peyton has to sit out an entire season. You can’t convince me that the Saint’s pull off ten wins, especially playing in the NFC South, and having to play the Packers, Giants, and Falcons twice. Decision: Under

Carolina Panthers:7.5 Wins

The Carolina Panthers surprised us all last season, playing every team tough, and finishing 6-10. I know I remember how tough they played the Falcon’s last season, which surprised me as much as anyone. Cam Newton also shocked all of us with a fantastic rookie season. But the question I have is if he can repeat his rookie year, or if he is going to have a sophmore slump. Either way, I think they get over 7 wins, but I think 8 is a good number. Decision: Over

Tampa Bay Bucaneers:6 Wins 

The Tampa Bay Bucaneers could easily be the worst team in the NFL. Not only do the play an unforgiving schedule, they play under a new coach. How they respond to Greg Schiano is still unknown, but I am not confident either way. They have seemed to given up on LeGarette Blount by drafting Doug Martin. They also picked up some Wide Receiver help with signing Vincent Jackson. Maybe if they didn’t play in the NFC South, they might have a better chance, but I don’t like the Bucs at all this season. Decision:Under 

I will not predict the Falcons right now, as I wish to save them for the finale of the series. Stay tuned for that, and much more of Over/Under articles. If you liked this article, and want more, make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Until next time folks,Cam is signing off!