Look for Falcons to Add Talent Cut by other teams


There is no doubt that the Atlanta Falcons have some weak spots on their roster. They are woefully thin along the offensive line, could use more linebacker depth, and if something happened to William Moore or Thomas DeCoud, there isn’t a very good replacement option at the safety position. At this time of year, the options are limited. There isn’t premiere starting NFL talent just waiting to be picked up.

There is a way to add valuable depth to an NFL roster. That is by signing the players who are cut by other teams. Less than an hour from now, all NFL teams will have to trim their rosters down to 75 players. They will have to decide on their 53-man active roster by August 31. Many of those cuts to meet roster requirements will involve very tough decisions. Perhaps an NFL team will be forced to cut a player who could be a backup and provide depth for the Falcons.

There aren’t any big name players out there who look like they will get cut, and even if there are, the Falcons would have to accommodate them with appropriate money within the salary cap. The point is, there is likely to be one player that the Falcons could sign, who could provide backup at a position. Take the tackle position for example. The four tackles on the roster are Sam Baker, Tyson Clabo, Mike Johnson, and rookie Lamar Holmes. Clabo is and will be fine, but what if Baker goes down with an injury? I am not comfortable with Johnson at all, and Holmes is a rookie who missed all of preseason workouts until training camp. A veteran backup to provide reasonable depth is needed. And that’s just one position that needs help.

Keep an eye out for the Falcons to potentially add one or two players to the roster shortly. They could be a big part in the Falcons remaining competitive throughout a grueling NFL season.