Falcons vs. Redskins Preview


September 30, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner (33) reacts after scoring a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers during the third quarter at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons defeated the Panthers 30-28. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE

The ultimate question. This is one I never thought I would be asking, especially this season. The Falcon’s schedule didn’t help the fact I had to ask this question. In fact, I am not sure if I should even ask it. Oh well, I will anyways. When will the Falcons get their first loss? I know, I know, that seems silly to even ponder about asking the question, but think about it. It is nearly impossible to predict games in the NFL based on a week-to-week basis, and many people have harsh opinions. Even the most simple of questions can anger people. I can only imagine how heated some questions can get.

But let’s get to the topic at hand: The Washington Redskins. I am not sure what to make of Shanahan’s squad. The first week, they looked like a potential wildcard contender. Last week, they didn’t impress me. That 2nd half made it seem they had a lot of work to do. Honestly, they are both of these things. They can contend for a wild card spot. They have the talent to. But their crutch is the fact they have a lot of work to do. Whether they compete for a wildcard now, or they don’t, they have a talent at the quarterback position that will put them in contention every season, every game. This gets me to my first matchup.

Matt Ryan vs. RGIII- We all know the biggest task for Nolan’s defense is stopping one man: Robert Griffin III. The play of this rookie is astounding. It has blown me away. He made the Saints look terrible. With that being said, he has to face Mike Nolan. I have a strong feeling that Nolan won’t get burned by an agile quarterback two weeks in a row. I am nervous for RGIII. Nolan got burned by Cam last week, don’t expect him to get burned again. Advantage- Falcons 

We all know how last week went. We saw Roddy White earn his wings. We saw Matty Ice earn his wings. You know who was the most surprising wing earner for me last week? Michael Turner.  I am going to be honest. I was one of the guys who thought Turner was running on empty. I wanted him to be replaced by Jacquizz or Jason Snelling. Snelling indeed got the start, but he was not the one who looked like the starter. Turner came out and dumbfounded everyone. He looked more agile than I ever remember seeing him. He didn’t look slow on a break away. But of course, he couldn’t catch the ball very well.

Michael Turner vs. Alfred Morris- I can honestly say I have no idea what to expect from either of these running backs tomorrow. On one hand, Alfred Morris may not even get majority snaps because his coach is Mike Shanahan. On the other hand, he could go for 100+ yards. Turner could have a repeat of last week, or he could be Turner of week 3. I have to say, I think Turner won’t show up to play. That is why I am giving the advantage to the Skins. Advantage- Redskins 

There are a few things to consider when making a selection. First, who is at home? That is in favor of the Redskins. Second, what type of quarterback are they playing? The Falcons are taking on the 2nd overall pick, and the head of the race for rookie of the year. Third and finally, how does the defense match up against the opponent’s offense? I feel the Falcons are a fine fit for the Redskins, especially after playing a similar team last weekend. I expect a great game from the defense, and I feel the Falcons will stay undefeated. Falcons- 27 Redskins- 10