Falcons the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL


You hear it every time you turn on talk radio or Sportcenter. Our Falcons are finally getting some national attention. For the most part it’s not all peaches and cream though… Mr. Dangerfield himself would have issue with the lack of respect we’re receiving. So what’s the big issue? What’s a team gotta do to get some love around this hemisphere?
Well for starters, we haven’t played anyone. This is the most common knock around the league. Even after dismantling the Eagles in their own back yard, we’re still left longing for love from the football universe. Andy Reid was 13 and 0 after a bye week since his arrival in Philly. He’s now 13 and 1. Nobody picked the Dirty Birds.
You can only play the teams on your schedule. The NFL wants parody and it’s getting a full dose this year. Any team can literally beat any team on any given Sunday. That being said, I think that makes 7 and 0 so much sweeter. Our schedule looks weak because it seems the entire league is average this year. These guys have played seven games and they’ve won seven games against professional football teams and thankfully there is no poll influencing our seeding. The W is all that matters.
This team is focused. We have a QB playing at an elite level. The offensive line has solidified itself. We have more weapons than the US Marines on offense. We have an opportunistic defense that takes the ball away. And don’t look now…but guess who has the league’s easiest remaining schedule? That’s right… These NFL bullies that everyone loves to ignore.
Listen up fellow Falcon fans! 7 and 0 is tough to beat. And if respect is what we want, we have nine more games to earn it. So I’ll take being the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL right now. It sure beats runaway coaches and dog-fighting scandals. And don’t even get me started on that whole Joey Harrington thing.
Thanks for reading my first blog! I’ll have a preview of the Birds and Cowgirls coming soon!