Falcons “Good Enough” To Stay Perfect


The Ice Man said it himself. When asked about his team’s performance Sunday night at the sold out Georgia Dome, “good enough” was the short answer. Good enough to pull a 19-13 victory out of our backsides and send the Cowboys back to Texas wondering what-if again. And that’s good enough for me.
Even on a night where Ryan looked less than perfect at times, he still had 342 yards passing and made “Ice-like” plays when his team needed them most. How else can you account for Julio Jones and Roddy White both eclipsing the 100 yard mark, both with no touchdowns…good enough for me.
I said in my preview of the game that Atlanta needed to have a respectable game on the ground to leave and that’s exactly what happened. Turner has obviously lost a step speed-wise but can still pop off big runs and wore down the Cowboys’ defense as the night went on. Turner ended up with 102 yards on 20 carries and had Atlanta’s only touchdown. Rodgers made his presence felt as well, especially on two crucial third downs. One for 31 yards and one for 11 more. Obviously anyone who watched the game can see room for improvement in the rushing game, but I’ll take it. Good enough for me.
Look guys… The Birds didn’t secure a lead until 14:16 left in the fourth quarter. That’s not ideal. But Dallas has a lot of talent especially on defense. They were desperate to win and Atlanta stepped up once again and made the timely plays that championship teams make. Even after Dallas finally moved the ball on their touchdown drive, Atlanta took the ball and basically played Nah-nah-nah-boo-boo with the Cowboys and kicked a field goal leaving too little time for Romo to mount a comeback. Just good enough.
The defense was good enough hold Dallas to one touchdown and Matt Bryant made enough of his field goals to win. Roddy White was also good enough to become Atlanta’s all-time leading receiver. Not a bad night. Not the best night. But hell I’m a Dirty Bird. And trust me… 8 and 0??? That’s good enough for me. Now bring on the trap game! Next game is in the “bountyful” city of New Orleans. I wasn’t even aware they had had a football team there. But I met with our research team and they concluded there WAS a football team there. And by research team I mean the Internet. Enjoy the win everyone. Big game coming up. Thanks for reading. Go Falcons.