Happy redemption day to all of my fellow believers. The games just don’t get any bigger than tonight’s. With a win tonight and a Tampa loss on Sunday, the Falcons can wrap the division and pretty much dash any playoff hopes the Saints may have left. Sounds like a great week to me! But I’m a homer. Yea I said it.
A couple of weeks ago, I predicted an Atlanta victory in New Orleans. I was wrong. New Orleans couldn’t stop the run, nor could they move the ball on the ground. Then suddenly… Chris Ivory started blowing through tackles like Jim Brown. Our defense refused to cover Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees was well, Drew Brees. Atlanta decided to leave their red zone offense in Flowery Branch and all of that added up to a narrow four point loss. It was a terrible day. I cried a little.
Fast forward seventeen days and here we are. Two more victories in our pockets and another shot at the team that, “owns this division.” That’s a quote from Drew Brees during his pregame pow-wow the last time these two teams met. And for the most part, he’s right.
Atlanta now has the chance to pull the dagger out of it’s back, sink it slowly into the back of the city of New Orleans, and twist. I just hope it has a dull blade.
The Falcons must assert their dominance tonight. There’s been plenty of smack talk, Curtis Lofton has officially fallen to the dark side, and let’s not forget the Saints leaving Brees in the game last year so that he could break a record or two. Now contrary to popular belief, I do not actually play football in Atlanta. I do not go through OTA’s. I’ve never been to mini camp. I’ve never suited up in the red and black and prepared for battle. But I’m pissed off. You should be pissed off. But more importantly, the Atlanta Falcons should be pissed off.
This game will be won in the trenches. The Birds shouldn’t have a chip on their shoulders. It should be a boulder. Atlanta must out-physical this team and silence the doubters once and for all. Did anyone see the San Fransisco game last week? The Niners punished New Orleans all day, and that was only 3 days ago. This team is down. Atlanta has to throw a knock-out blow tonight in front of a national audience.
Now Im no Gypsy fortune-teller, as evidenced by my picks this year. (Although I am 10 and 1 straight up this year.) But I will never ever…ever pick the Bagheads over my Coons. If New Orleans was 15-0, and Atlanta was 0-15, I’d still take the Birds in a tight one. I think the return of Sean Weatherspoon is huge for Atlanta, and I have to think that Atlanta comes out the more aggressive and physical team. I think that’s the difference tonight. My prediction will follow but first…
Apparently the ramp crew at Hartsfield-Jackson last night decided to egg the Saints bus after they arrived in Atlanta. Now while I certainly don’t condone these kind of shenanigans, I would like to say that it was nice to see some passion from this city’s fans. I guess if you’re going to be labeled as “classless”, you may as well act the part. I really hope that all of you that are going to the game tonight, find a way to be in your seat at kick-off, and support your team with pure, unadulterated, southern hate. Your team needs you. Your city needs you. Rise up tonight Atlanta and make sure the whole country can hear you. The 12th man wins this one tonight. Coons 27, Bagheads 23. Thanks for reading and go Falcons.