This week is my Christmas. The build-up for this week’s match up with Seattle has me pumped up and ready to rock somebody’s face off. And if that weren’t enough, while working at my side gig the other night I got “Who-datted” by a Saints’ fan who was obviously still upset about having their team bus egged. Or was it picking off Drew Brees 40 times last time he visited the Georgia Dome? Who knows?! No offense to my friend @tatumeverett but apparently we dat. Make sure to follow her on the the Tweeter and give her some Atlanta love.

Now… Back to Christmas. The Falcons will get to open their presents on Sunday in the form of the Seattle Seahawks. Atlanta will be trying to snap a five game playoff losing streak, while Seattle is going to try and win it’s seventh game straight overall. Seattle has been on a roll and are the fashionable pick to make it to the Super Bowl out of the NFC. They boast a potent ground attack featuring Marshawn Lynch, one of the most physical backs in the game. Their rookie QB, Russell Wilson has taken the league by storm and has the ability to run and make plays when they break down. This kid is good and Atlanta’s defense will have their hands full.

Defensively Seattle will be without their best pass rusher after Chris Clemons tore his ACL against Washington last week. This is definitely a win for the Falcons, but Seattle plays great team defense and boasts two beasts at corner in Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman. But you know what? Who gives a rat’s patooty?

The media is making a HUGE deal about Seattle’s corners, when all I see is two of the best, physical wideouts in football in White and Jones. All the duo did was combine for 171 catches and over 2500 yards receiving. Oh yea, throw in 17 TD’s for good measure. Seattle hasn’t faced a group this good all season. And even if you still think Seattle holds the advantage, let’s talk about Mr. Gonzales. It’s Tony if you’re nasty. I assume Marcus Trufant will end up on #88. Trufant couldn’t hold Tony’s jock. I’m just sayin… Advantage Atlanta.

Defensively, Atlanta has to release the beasts within. Seattle is a very physical team offensively and the Falcons have to match their intensity. The bye week was a blessing for sure this year after Abraham and Robinson went down in the Tampa game. I really believe Atlanta’s defense matches up well against a Seahawks offense led by a rookie QB. This defense is much faster and much more aggressive than last year’s squad and this is exactly why we went after Asante Samuels in the offseason. If we can cause a couple of turnovers, it’ll be lights-out for Seattle and back to the world of coffee and legal marijuana.

Look I get it folks. Once again nobody believes in our Dirty Birds. Matt Ryan chokes in the playoffs, blah, blah, blah. I don’t give two Tebows about last year. This is a different Atlanta team with something to prove. I was at the Georgia Dome in a home playoff game in 98 against the Niners. I know how loud that place can get when this city puts it’s mind to it. The Dome will be rocking. If the defense can keep Beast Mode out of the end zone and under 100 yards, they should be hosting the NFC Championship game next week. The Timmy thinks Gonzalez and Rodgers both have big games and Russell Wilson finally shows the country he’s still a rookie. Atlanta quiets the haters and win convincingly. Blackbirds 34, Seagulls 21. I have Green Bay coming back to the ATL to play next Sunday. In case you were wondering. Go Coons. Thanks for reading.