Time for Matt Ryan, Falcons to shock the world?


Well we are less than 24 hours from kickoff to the most important game ever played inside the Georgia Dome and I gotta be honest…I feel like OJ Simpson before the verdict. Is this our year? Is this Atlanta team the team I think they are? Is this team going to shock the world and shut Heath Evans up? I say yes. I think the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl. And the reason I think that, you may ask? Matty “Ice” Ryan aka The Mattural.

Since joining the league in 2008, Ryan has more fourth quarter or overtime comeback victories than any other NFL quarterback, and it’s not even close. Matt Ryan has led this team with the professionalism any true fan would expect from your team captain. He has it all…size, smarts, accuracy, arm strength, you name it. He’s cerebral, he’s accountable and he never quits. You’ll never hear Ryan boasting. He says the right things. I like that. You should too.

Now all of those things for the most part can be measured. What you cannot measure however is a QB’s ability to bring a team back when they need it most. If I’m San Fransisco and I’ve got a close lead at the end of the game tomorrow, I’m not comfy at all with #2 on the other sideline. And I don’t know what team would be. The only reason I like Atlanta tomorrow is because of Ryan. Period.

We can talk about the vaunted 49’ers defense and Colon Kupperdink. (I hope I spelled that right!) We can talk about the two Smith’s on the edges. I could care less. We have Matt Ryan. We can talk about Gonzalez, White, and Jones and the problems they present. We can talk about Abraham, Spoon, and Samuels and the fits they can cause opposing QB’s. Who gives a crap? Not me. We have Matt Ryan.

So in closing, the time is now. It took a good bit of sweat, tears, and a boat-load of doubt to get where we are now. I think we are witnessing the best Falcon team ever assembled. Some may think that’s not saying much, but I think it’s going to be just enough to get Atlanta to their second Super Bowl in team history. I think Atlanta wins tomorrow because they have the best QB period. I like Atlanta in a close one 34 to 31. I hope all of you guys attending can’t talk by Sunday night. Thanks for reading. Go Coons. Rise up.