Flying Feathers for 2012 Falcons


Flying Feathers For Falcons Finest
By BobbyGCopperhead

I’ve seen writings of the draft and heard Smitty is watching potential picks, which is a positive remedy for the Falcon season being over and inspiring high hopes for the coming season. With Spring training less than a month away, I thought I’d hand out my Flying Feathers for a great 2012 season that Atlanta enjoyed.
Besides, I’ve never did awards and I don’t want the great season to go without mentioning some great accomplishments and memories.
MVP – Matt Ryan – without question. He stepped up his game to another level. Michael who ?
MOST IMPROVED – Jaquizz Rodgers – There were many who improved, but Jaquizz made his presence known in the rushing game, the passing game and on special teams.
COMEBACK PLAYER- Sam Baker , who was nearly run out of town in 2011, performed very well all year and deserves some credit of keeping Ryan healthy.
DYNAMIC DUO – With Weatherspoon and Nicholas, Moore and Decoud, Bryant and Bosher this was the toughest call, but the combo of White and Jones win out, both totaling over the thousand yard mark and complimenting each other so well the teams success started with these two stars.
TOP GAME – Victories in the National spotlight over the Giants who eliminated the birds a year earlier and over the rival Saints were memorable steps not to be forgotten, but the Playoff win over Seattle was the step the franchise needed more than any other in 2012. Doubt I would be writing any such piece if we lost that game, and it was that victory more than any that springs hope for the coming year, for the Coaches, players and Fans. A weight lifted reward for a great season. Nothing like winning in January, except February.
TOP PLAY – The playoffs were special and I could pick easily several key plays, but my winner here is the
M.Ryan pass deep left to R.White to CAR 40 for 59 yards , with less than a minute to play in game four against Carolina that helped pull out a win in what was a sure loss and setting a tone for the rest of the season. Carolina would go on to lose three more in a row and Atlanta went on to win another four straight and set some room between them and the rest of their division.
WORST PLAY – If I could turn back time and relive the Falcons worst play it would no doubt be the Fourth quarter unforced fumble against San Francisco in the Championship game, which I think, with all going wrong in that fourth quarter, was the play that kept us from the super bowl. This happens in sports, and along with the first and goal at New Orleans that cost us that game were the two low points of the season, but I look back now and if the team could play these two plays again that the Falcons could very well turn both chances into wins – they were that good in tight games and In surprising us all year.
SMITTYS BEST – The coaching staff did a brilliant job all year keeping the team focused and getting them to new heights. The Coordinators hired last January excelled. Coach Mike Smith’s best call came in the heated rival game with New Orleans, with under five minutes he chose to have Bryant kick a fifty- five yard field goal to seal the victory and nail shut the Saints chances of any playoff hopes. He gets this above all others because many will remember Bryant had a tough game the week before, putting confidence back into one of the birds main weapons.
TOP AQUISITION – Without a first round pick in the draft – Atlanta went out and got Asante Samual, who wins this feather easily, even before Grimes went out. The secondary is no longer weak, and in a passing league that is so very important.
FEATHER FOR FANS – Seeing the Georgia Dome in January was as wild as any home in the NFL.
The fans shined in the national spotlight and truly make the nest a opponents nightmare.
New stadium so deserving !!!
FUTURE FEATHERS – I’d like to see for 2013 a Matty Ice extension, Tony G come back one more year,
A defensive pass rusher and a big athletic Guard. And, Dominique Davis moved up to second string, some how when you see RG3, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, I feel a need to have his talents ready and utilized maybe even in a couple of plays thru the year.
April 25th will come fast enough, and can’t wait to see the dates and layout of the 2013 opponents, but lets not forget the 2012 successful season of the Atlanta Falcons.