Well it’s taken me this long to be able to offer any comments about football. Of course like any red blooded Falcon fan, I think the Dirty Birds should be dancin in NOLA today. But that is not our reality and I guess someone has to quit crying and get over it. That someone is me. It was a great season. I hope #88 comes back for one last go of it. I hope we get bigger and better on both lines. I’ll dig deeper this off season into what Atlanta needs to do in order advance one more game next season. But for today it’s Super Bowls and stadiums.

So apparently there is a game being played in New Orleans later today. Ravens versus Niners. Ray Lewis versus Colin Kaepernick. Brother versus brother. There are plenty of story lines to go around. We all know how good San Fran is. Baltimore just beat Manning and Brady, both on the road. That’s enough for me. Honestly I just can’t pick a team that just kicked our butts. I like Baltimore, 34-27. And while we’re picking games…

We may as well have a prop bet or two just to sweeten the pot. My first prop bet would be pretty obvious. But hey, it’s the Super Bowl. I’m not going to call breasts falling out of tops just yet, but I DO bet Beyonce actually sings the National Anthem, live and in person. This is quite possibly the biggest venue in the world. I don’t want to see Ashlee Simpson level performances. This is the big leagues, Beyonce. Try and act like it.

My last bold prediction/side bet/prop bet is that regardless of who is victorious, that the four-lettered mother ship will air Ray Lewis crying and whining and retiring and preaching and bla, bla, bla for the next 72 hours. THAT, you can take to Vegas. I’ve been ready for him to retire since he announced it. I’m off the Ray-Ray Kool-ade. It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. Everybody knows you’re on the deer antler juice, Ray. We know…

And lastly my take on this new stadium deal. Quit crying Atlanta. If this city is ever going to host another Super Bowl, we’re going to have to spend some money. I love the idea of an open air stadium. F-16’s flying overhead. It’s something that’s going to happen sooner or later and Mr. Blank is footing the majority of the bill. This franchise isn’t going anywhere, trust me. My personal belief is that the powers that be are just letting the city know that there are definitely other cities that would build a new stadium for this team in a heartbeat. Do some research and actually see how much it really affects you before you go asking for Arthur Blank’s head on your dinner table. Enjoy the big game everybody and please share and comment afterwards! We love to hear from you, the good, the bad, and the terrible. Thanks for reading. Go Falcons.