Atlanta Falcons: Lets Trade Up!


There have recently been reports that the Falcons are trying to move up in the 2013 draft. This could be very good news if they make it worth wild. We have all seen the difference maker Julio Jones has become in Atlanta, so when you hear about this you gotta feel good.It all depends on how far they can move up and for whom that will make this wroth it. So how can this deal benefit the Atlanta Falcons?

Cornerback is a glaring need right now for the Falcons and the position I personally would love us to target in the first round. So if they do decide to trade up the only guy I see worth it is Dee Milliner. He is Obviously NFL ready and a great addition to any secondary with the potential to be the next Darelle Revis. He played for the Alabama Crimson Tide the same school Julio Jones came out of, so maybe we will see the sequel to the NFL draft in 2011. I am sure Thomas Dimitroff already has a plan in place on what it will take to get Milliner and with the Superbowl or bust mentality taking over the team it is a good possibility we see this happen next Thursday.

I speculate that the only other way Atlanta will trade up is if they decide to target a Tight End. Tyler Eifert and Zack Ertz have been evaluated as the closest in skill at the same position in the draft.This leads me to believe if one goes and Atlanta fears they can’t get the other they will try and trade up. This scenario makes less sense to me because we still have Tony Gonzalez so if we still have a year to plan for after Tony’s departure. It is also a win now mentality for the Falcons so I see them filling needs instead of making the move for a Tight End.

There is of course other possibilities such as Defensive End and Linebacker it all comes down to what position needs the most fixing. Right now we have the same Linebackers who brought us to the NFC Championship game last year coming back (with the addition of Brian Banks) I don’t mind the move for a Defensive End as much but there is a lot of depth at the position in the draft. Margus Hunt is one of those guys who can fall to number 30.

My gut is telling me that the Atlanta Falcons do trade up and I predict it will be for Milliner. He is the guy who is going to make the biggest difference to the team and we know Thomas Dimitroff isn’t afraid to make a block buster deal. Go Falcons!!!