Two Rounds and the Sign of the Times By Bobby G. Copperhead


In the last Month I have read and I have said the Atlanta Falcons largest need was on the defensive side of the ball and primarily at Cornerback. They have reloaded at that position in the first two rounds of the draft to offset the departure of Grimes and Robinson. Picks Desmond Trufant from Washington and Robert Alford out of Southeastern give the team additions tougher than Grimes and Younger than Robinson to challenge for a starting spot and add depth to the defense in response to the sign of the times now pass affectionate league. Moving up to get Trufant who is said to have been high on the Birds board was anticipated by many and after losing our third round pick ends day two but the Falcons get one of the top CB’s in the draft, one who has good cover skills, was one of the fastest at the combine and comes with a tenacious attitude. His knack for being around the ball and his coverage in the Stanford game was obviously reviewed before the Falcon brass made the jump. I was yelling at the T.V to take Trufant and not Xavier Rhodes who is more a safety by some accounts, as if T.D and Smitty needed help and that is why the draft is serious fun. Robert Alford is also a fast cover man. He played well at the Senior bowl and is even by Mel Kiper’s account a solid day two pick. Alford we should asterisk at this time as perhaps a sleeper, the omen pick, for he was announced by Deion Sanders, which would be a great side story if the day two pick blossoms into a dependable performer in the Nickel and on special teams. These picks along with last year addition Peyton Thompson are all within an inch in height and nine pounds in weight of each other and should make for a competitive camp and eliminate the CB position from being problematic for a while. The fact that cornerbacks are still being taken right at this writing in the third round, check picks sixty four thru seventy, makes me feel confident the Falcons did the homework and got two of the best at this position of need. Another nice job from T.D and team looking at this at the end of round three.
Falcon Nation must wait now for two fourth round picks and a fifth round pick at number 163 to add the depth on the offensive line and perhaps linebacker. I think the tight end situation can wait one year and give Chase Coffman and Mike Palmer the stage to Rise Up or exit in similar fashion as Kerry Meier.
Except for the Offensive line depth the only question I’d have right now on that side of the ball is how
last years round five pick Bradie Ewing’s health is, which narrows the focus down to the defensive line.
The defensive trench is in need of one more piece and I wonder if one of the round four picks at number 127 or 133 can address that requirement. The top eight defensive ends / tackles went in round one and there were another ten ‘D’ lineman selected in the second and third rounds. Any impact left out there ?
No longer talking to the T.V I request a move be made, a simple suggestion, a thought to contemplate if I had the ear of T.D, Smitty and Mike Nolan after their tiresome forty eight hours.
Get John Abraham back in the office for a chat. !!! Don’t want the Saints to sign him and it’s obvious his other visits to clubs, including the Patriots, did not break his heart away from Atlanta. Discussion never hurts where two sides have a need and amicable history. The thought does not come without successful
Data to argue with and would it not make the nest better to have this fan favorite back one more year ?
Both sides at this juncture should consider with free agency stagnant, the draft now solid into the team depth area, and the training needed to begin in another month for the season, that security should have a roll in the future outlook of individual and of team, and why this match works for both and for many reasons.
If somehow this did happen along with the handful of picks left to bring in some talent to bolster the practice squad the Atlanta Falcons would look pretty spectacular going into the 2013 season.
On another note of spectacular and with playful thought, how awesome, if with the technology and creative architecture possible today, would the future new stadium look if designed like a giant Nest ?