What the Draft Can Tell Us


Feb 26, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Washington Huskies defensive back Desmond Trufant runs with the ball after catching a pass during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the Draft the last few days, I think it’s safe to say quite a few of us were a little confused here and there.  But the First two rounds could tell us a lot about what’s to come this season.  As we all know, the Atlanta Falcons drafter CB Desmond Trufant in the first round after trading up 8 spots to the 22nd pick.  A lot of mock drafts had him falling to the Falcons, or had the Falcons trade up to get him.  This is no surprise to me.  The Falcons only had one known starting Corner with high hopes for Robert McClain after Three starting caliber corners left.  They definitely needed a defensive back and got a great one in Trufant.

What was a little confusing, and most people would probably agree with this, is watching Dion Sanders call out a name who many of us probably didn’t hear much of, followed by the position “Defensive Back.”

“What?  Didn’t we just get one?  You know we need a pass rusher!?  Do you know Damontre Moore was RIGHT THERE!?”  I believed that the dream picks for me was Trufant in the first and Margus Hunt in the second.  I was surprised he lasted as long as he did.  I was even more surprised that Moore dropped to the Falcons.  When they announced they picked another Corner, I would be lying if I said that my first reaction wasn’t anger.

After I cooled down a little, I repeated to myself “In TD we trust.” Knowing it was for a good reason.  After thinking about it and watching Robert Alford tape, I started really liking this pick for the following reasons:

Comfort and Familiarity:  Last season, the defense wasn’t great, but it was pretty good.  About the only thing we lacked was linebacker coverage (which could have been a scheme problem and not a personnel problem) and a legitimate pass rush.   The Falcons went a long way with those problems and after losing three corners in free agency, there was a huge hole in the defense.  Last year, the backfield was a strong point.  Nolan would have to make a lot more changes to match a strength in pass rush and a weakness in the backfield compared to the same strengths with an upgraded pass rush.  So first things first is to make the secondary a strength again.  With better depth and a step up from Robinson, It’s safe to say that’s a done deal.

Still Need a Return Game:  The last punt return that went all the way was two years ago against Tampa Bay with Eric Weems.  Since then, the return game was never very effective.  Robert Alford is a very good return man.  He’ll definitely take the job away from Fair-Catch-Franks and will add another threat to this high-scoring team.

Next Man Up:  Two Defensive ends were drafted, but neither of them will be automatic starters. We all know TD is a mastermind.  I didn’t like them getting rid of Tyson Clabo, but you know damn well that he wouldn’t do that if there wasn’t complete trust in how far Lamar Holmes has come.  I seriously doubt that the Falcons would pass up on the talents of Damontre Moore if there wasn’t a lot of confidence in the next man up.  Who is that?  Jonathan Massequoi.  He’s a great build for a pass rusher and very young.  He could step up and work on the other side of Umenyiora and be a major contributor.  I have a lot of high hopes for this guy.

It’s hard to criticize a guy like TD when the only flops under his belt are an overpaid Ray Edwards and Peria Jerry.  I’m betting these picks will go a long way.