Atlanta Falcons: Things To Look Forward To For The Rest of the Off Season


With the draft over with the speculation can begin to die down this offseason. Atlanta did make some good moves addressing the many defensive needs and some offensive. Now we have a lineup that we as fans should feel comfortable with going into the new season. The NFL truly never takes a break though so here is a few things to look forward to happening for the Atlanta Falcons this offseason…

Matt Ryan is set to get an extension sometime during this off season and it will most likely be the most exciting news Atlanta Falcons fans will hear in the next couple months. We don’t know numbers yet but this contract will surely be a very high and lengthy deal for the young quarterback. This deal should happen sooner rather than later so we shouldn’t have to wait long to get our Falcons fix.

Free Agency is also still happening and although Atlanta has used most of their salary cap thus far you never know when Thomas Dimitroff will make another move. The draft is over and there are improvements that still can be made to the roster.One guy who is highly unlikely to rejoin the team is John Abraham but the longer he remains available the more confidence I have he can return. If the price is right the Falcons should be more then willing to add depth to an already dangerous Atlanta Falcons roster.

Even when the Atlanta Falcons aren’t making first page stories Blogging Dirty is always there to give us Falcons Fanatics different perspectives and new content to read up on so we can keep in touch with the team we love.Atlanta should make more headlines before the first snap of the regular season but until then we can only look forward to the force we will be when that time finally comes.