Atlanta Falcons: All or Nothing


Everyone has heard by now Roddy Whites comments about a “Superbowl or bust” for the Atlanta Falcons upcoming season. You have to respect that failure is no longer an option for this team. For Some of the players this is still a want though, for other it is a need and for few its just a mentality.

When you grow up as an athlete you must have a competitive attitude or you won’t last. We know guys like Julio Jones and Matt Ryan want that championship it would be the best accomplishment of their young careers but they don’t “need” a championship just yet. Ryan really wants to win you can even say bringing back Tony Gonzalez has put him in a position where he needs to win strictly because he feels responsible. The Atlanta Falcons got a lot of great young talent who should be very successful but there is a lot of old talent to who need to win now.

Somehow last year Ray Lewis was able to steal all of Tony’s thunder even though he had not only already won playoff games but had already won the Superbowl. Doesn’t seem like anyone will be able to do that this year. Tony is delaying his retirement one more season to win that championship. No one needs, wants or has the mentality of a Superbowl or bust season that compares this time. One reason we got some of the guys we did is because they want to win a championship. Steven Jackson is just one of the many veteran guys on this team whose time is running out and needs a ring more than ever.

Roddy White seems to be in a class of his own on this Falcons team. After reiterating that winning is the only thing for the dirty birds you can tell Roddy really takes that to heart. He’s a seasoned veteran but he still has years ahead of him in the league He just wants to be the best he isn’t the type of guy to settle for pretty good he wants to win, he wants to beat everyone. The Superbowl isn’t a want its a need for Roddy but because he needs to be the best not because his expiration date is quickly approaching,

We are all well aware that Atlanta is not accepting anything but a Superbowl victory this year. Some players want it, Some need it and others truly deserve it. One things for sure, This is going to be a great season and something Falcons fans can really get excited about.