Atlanta Falcons: Excited About The Preseason


Oh thank goodness football is almost back! Everyone who love the Falcons has been waiting for the regular season since January 20th. It has been a long offseason but finally the regular season is almost here! Before the Falcons face the Saints and kickoff the new season we have to wait first for the preseason.

Many fans and even some players find the preseason long and somewhat useless but the fact is it does hold a lot of value.I am with you when it comes to length but I find that preseason is necessary. The last thing we want to see week 1 is our Atlanta Falcons come out sloppy. That is exactly why we need preseason games, to work out the flaws and shake off the cobwebs from last season in live game action.

Matt Ryan knows this, he is one of those hardworking guys who loves the chance to get better and work on his game. Preseason for any quarterback is vital so they can work on their mechanics, play calling and get mentally and physically prepared.

Of course most players in the NFL use the time as a chance to get back in the swing of things but for particular players it holds even more value than that. I am talking about guys like Steven Jackson who have moved on to new teams. This is the first time Jackson has played for anyone either then the Rams, which makes it all the more difficult to transition to a new playbook and new system. Players who are joining new teams have to find these “practice” games helpful, it gives them a chance to feel more comfortable before the regular season.

It is pretty obvious which players value preseason more than the rest. Yup, you guessed it rookies. I couldn’t imagine how nervous these guys will be feeling even in the preseason, there jobs are potentially on the line each and every snap. I think the magnitude of that would be even greater if these games had more of an impact on their team then just themselves.

What I am trying to say is how can you not be excited that finally we get to watch our Atlanta Falcons take the field in under 4 weeks Yes preseason is long and kind of dull but it surely is useful. Let’s hope the falcons make good use of their preseason and come out ready when the regular season finally arrive.

Are all of you Falcons fans excited for the preseason?