Thoughts before Flowery Branch. By Bobby G Copperhead


ESPN ran interview with Tony G and chatted about a perfect offense. Perfect strong adjective.
Need big show from offensive line and Harry D. to get anywhere close to that tab.

New Stadium site…..decision by August, – still comes down to North vs. South.

New England Patriots brain trust really goofed when Welker not paid to stay.

I don’t think Hawks will miss Smooth as much as the other way around.

Rolling Stone should have shown Tsarnaev’s State police picture with sniper red dot on his forehead.

September 8th opener ……….playoff in September? This as close as it gets.

Dom Davis as top QB backup……forget aging veteran being brought in. He’ll be fine.

Cam Newton a bird fan and Colin likes the Dolphins, – go figure.

Structuring Ryan’s contract taking longer than I thought, which can only mean a systematic
and cautious deal to benefit both sides.

Kroy Biermann – Vigorous, Versatile, Veteran.

Cutler and Bears relationship unsettling I imagine in the windy city.

Speeding a Tweet showing stupidity, slow and steady won the race.

How great if Brandon Beachy comes back like Medlin did last year. Go Braves.

Dirk, the slot receiver has to get more than one touchdown, use the secret weapon maneuver.

Nice Rivera tribute at All Star game along with Heroes salute. Baseball night got it right.

Going to include one of those pulled pork ,mac cheese, slaw and O ring sandwiches I read about at Birds camp at first tailgate party this year.

Kovalchuk is home and happy and wish him the best. Still miss the Thrashers.

Birds punt and kick return game needs major work in preseason.

Like him or hate him, Jimmie Johnson is the Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky in his sport.

Falcons fall in Forbes poll to number 44.…….nice Atlanta Number I’d say !!!

Matt Bryant, age 38. Is there a preseason tryout back up plan ?

Two ESPY’s for Adrian. Congrats to a star.

July prediction – Remember Super Bowl XXXIII ?- I predict we see those teams again next winter.
You read it here in July.