Talk Super Bowl in Five Years By Bobby G. Copperhead


20.75 Million for the next five years. During the last five years Matt Ryan has led the Atlanta Falcons
to one of the NFL’s best franchises. Five straight winning seasons, four playoff appearances and two division titles. Pat Y. from that other big sports outlet points out that Ryan’s contract puts him on the field with Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco and Tom Brady, with that one exception
being Matt has not won a super bowl. Pat covers the NFC South as well as anybody, but every true sports fan knows that no quarterback wins a super bowl by himself, there is a lot of team help, some good fortune and an occasional intangible that goes into the success mix of that bowl. The Atlanta Falcons secured a
quarterback with proven success, giving the Falcons a chance to win many games, consistently make the playoffs and a very good shot at the coveted bowl. That is why Matty Ice is getting the big bucks.
Past history shows that Terry Bradshaw won four super bowls but it is hard to discuss his teams without mentioning the help of the steel curtain. Jim Kelly took the Bills to four straight super bowls but was
it all his undoing they lost every time? Let’s look at the field Ryan has now joined for the next five years.
Aaron Rogers is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. He has one super bowl ring, as his predecessor
Brett Favre, and has been in the league three years longer than Ryan. Lets give Matt those three years going into the Birds new stadium before any talk of how he’ll live up to his contract.
Rival Drew Brees who is a twelve year veteran has also one super bowl to his credit. He had one of the best games a quarterback has had in the big game, but nobody can forget how a second half on side kickoff and a Tracy Porter 74 yard interception helped cement the win. Peyton Manning owns enough records and accomplishments to open his own hall of fame over the last fourteen years. Arguably the best quarterback during the last twenty years he too has one super bowl to his list of achievements. Only one ? That is a tell tale sign of how great quarterbacks need a little help. Peyton has played a decade longer than Ryan also.
Joe Flacco was riding along with Matt Ryan since 2008, until last year when Baltimore won the super bowl.
Flacco played very well, but was helped by a secondary lapse in Denver weeks before, a spirited emotional driven defense and a interference no-call in the end zone during the last seconds of the bowl. I’m not whining, but how many times during the season is the flag thrown on that play? Just things to bring into the light of what it takes to get that parade. Tom Brady is another high profile Q.B that is Zeus like in New England. With three super bowl wins he is definitely a super quarterback, but without even discussing the horrible tuck rule call or spy-gate against the Rams theory, I find it interesting that all three bowl victories
were by a Adam Vinatieri field goal and that the Brady led Pats team has lost two bowls since Vinitieri departed. Stats showing it takes a little help from your friends to earn a ring.
It absolutely takes a solid talented quarterback to direct a successful team and have a shot at a super bowl victory. Atlanta has locked that quarterback up for the next five years. Maybe in the next five years Ryan doesn’t take his eye off the shotgun snap, or Harry catches that sideline pass, or the Defense becomes
Giant like during the playoffs. Maybe the Birds win more than one bowl in the next five seasons.
Regardless, the Money is well spent and deserving of the huddle leader and face of the franchise.
We’ll discuss in five years the Matt Ryan and Atlanta Falcons legacy. Until then, I’ll enjoy the show.