5 Falcons Who May Be Let Go This Offseason

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Dec 1, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; Atlanta Falcons fullback Jason Snelling (44) catches a kick before the game against the Buffalo Bills at the Rogers Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports


Jason Snelling, or as I like to call him “Old Reliable”, is one of Atlanta’s three Running Backs slated to receive over 1 million dollars in 2014.  Also not helping his case, Snelling was arrested on possession of marijuana in the midst of the season.  In an organization that places utmost importance in character and leadership, the arrest doesn’t spell good things to come for the 7 year Falcon.  At 30 years old, Thomas Dimitroff may deem Jason expendable with an extremely deep pool of talent in this year’s draft.

In the event that Snelling is cut this offseason, look for players such as Carlos Hyde or Andre Williams to possibly be taken somewhere in Day 2.

UPDATE: Jason Snelling has announced retirement.