Potential Falcons Free Agent Target Profile: Branden Albert


Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons were atrocious up front on the offense last year. I know, that isn’t breaking new ground, but it can’t be overstated how much change they need on the offensive line this offseason if they want to turn things around and be a competitor again next year.

With so many needs, as many as four new starters would be ideal, the Falcons will need to address at least one of the spots in the free agent market. With their needs on defense, they just won’t have enough draft picks to rebuild the offensive line.

One option will be to break open the bank and sign Branden Albert to be the starting left tackle. Bringing in Albert would mean you could move Sam Baker over to the right tackle, a spot that he might be better suited to coming off his season-ending knee injury.

Albert will cost a lot of money, good left tackles do, but he might just be worth it. It wasn’t that long ago that the Kansas City Chiefs saw him as a franchise left tackle. A starter in all the games he’s been active for since coming into the league in 2008, Albert has what it takes to be a really good tackle in the NFL.

The only thing that could scare the Falcons away is the uncertainty as to why the Chiefs don’t think he’s worth big money. It could be because they drafted a left tackle No. 1 overall last year, but typically you don’t see NFL teams let really good offensive lineman leave and go to other teams when they still have something to offer.

Atlanta needs to be careful, there could be some reason why the Chiefs are so willing to let him go. But, likely it’s because Albert is holding out for top-end left tackle money and Kansas City doesn’t think he’s worth it.

If he hits the open market, and doesn’t find that huge deal waiting for him, the Falcons could get a good player at a relatively reasonable price when he’s willing to settle for only a whole lot of money rather than a boatload of money.