Falcons Experts Roundtable

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Is Mike Tice the man to turn things around on the offensive line?

Jake Bennett: One can look at Tice’s former offensive line in Chicago and think he’s an awful coach, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  Tice has a reputation of producing physical lineman, which is exactly what Arthur Blank is looking for.

Robert Stephens: I’m optimistic about Tice. He had a mean streak as a player and knows what he wants as a coach.  He developed several pro-bowl linemen when he was coaching the offensive line in Minnesota. He also stated he wanted his linemen coming off the ball like machines. Some linemen like Baker, Holmes, and Konz could stand to benefit from constant drills working on technique. With a tough attitude and persistent coaching, he may have what it takes to help fix the trenches.  He would also need a few more players though.

Ben Sullivan: The offensive line needs so much work I’m not sure just bringing in a new coach will turn things around, but Tice was a good hire. He brings toughness to a unit that needs an attitude adjustment.

Ben Grazebrook: Mike Tice brings with him an attitude and toughness that the Falcons offensive line has been severely lacking in recent years. Tice will get the most out of the in house talent the Falcons already have and will help infuse some nastiness into a group that severely lacked any back bone last season. Tice was a good hire by the Falcons and should hopefully transform a Falcons offensive line that was a train wreck last season.