Atlanta Falcons 2014 Draft Profile: Greg Robinson


Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Tackle, Auburn

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 332 lbs.

Projected Round: Top-5

Greg Robinson is one of the best tackles to come out of college in quite some time. That’s a pretty bold statement, but after watching him bulldoze over SEC defenders this season and then come out and have an impressive combine, I’m comfortable making it.

A physical specimen that has everything you would want out of an elite NFL tackle, Robinson has all the tools you could ever want. He’s big, strong, has long arms and a powerful lower body. He excels in the run game, and has the raw skills to develop into a premier pass blocker as well.

Really, the only thing to hesitate about Robinson is his lack of experience at left tackle. He came into college expected to play guard, but wound up at tackle because Auburn lacked any other options there. But, of course after they threw him into the fire all he did was shine.

Robinson has everything you would want out of a potential top-5 pick.

Why The Falcons Should Take Him:

Atlanta’s biggest need this offseason is to rebuild the offensive line. Robinson would immediately be the best lineman on the team. You could start him at left tackle right away and move Sam Baker over to the right side, or let Robinson work on his pass blocking for a year or so on the right side before moving him to the left.

Either way, the Falcons end up with an elite NFL lineman that can help Matt Ryan and the offense start to click again.

Why The Falcons Shouldn’t Draft Him:

Honestly, I can’t think of a single reason. If he falls to them at 6, and of course Clowney isn’t there (or maybe even if he is), then it’s a no-brainer that Atlanta would jump at the opportunity to take Robinson.