Atlanta Falcons Editor’s Roundtable: The Blogging Dirty crew weighs in


Dec 29, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) drops back to pass in the first half against the Carolina Panthers at the Georgia Dome. Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

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1. Who is the greatest Falcons QB of all time and why?

Jake Bennett – Even though Atlanta has a long history in the NFL, the quarterback position hasn’t really seen elite talent except for Bartkowski and Ryan.  With Ryan’s clutch gene, and the fact that he’s already broke most of Steve’s records, Matt gets the easy nod.

Ben Grazebrook – Matt Ryan and Steve Bartkowski deserve a mention as the greatest Falcons QB’s of all time but personally Mike Vick is that guy for me. If Matt Ryan carries on at his current pace he will be sitting on top of this list in the not too distant future but as of right now Vick is still the guy for me.  Vick put the team on the map and made some of the most memorable plays ever seen in a Falcons jersey and for his actions on the field I feel he deserves his place at the top of this list.

Sunny Minhas – Matt Ryan. I know it’s a team game but he’s had more winning seasons than Steve Bartkowski and Chris Chandler combined. He’s also brought consistent success to the franchise, something no quarterback before him has done. When we talk about great quarterbacks, the first names that come up are the ones that win virtually year in and year out. For that reason, Matt Ryan is my choice.

Mike Gibbons – I was born in 1972. Thus, it’s Steve Bartkowski, because he was the QB I grew up idolizing. My 11-year-old son says Matt Ryan. See a trend?

2. What do you foresee for Jake Matthews’ rookie year?

Jake Bennett – I believe the addition of Matthews will bring back consistency to the Falcons offensive attack.  Passing and even running the ball will be much more enjoyable for Matt Ryan, and even less enjoyable for opposing defenses.

Ben Grazebrook – While rookie tackles usually struggle in the league I do think Matthews will fare better than most. Everyone is expecting Matthews to come in and be a rock at RT but don’t be surprised if he has some growing pains especially early in the season.

Sunny Minhas – I don’t think he’ll be great from the outset, more Mitchell Schwartz than Tyron Smith. Schwartz had a steady rookie year playing right tackle where he brought much needed stability to the position for the Browns. I expect similar results from Matthews, anything beyond will be fantastic but I’m not holding my breath.

Mike Gibbons – A solid year-one starter with tremendous upside and room to grow.

3. How do you normally watch Falcons games (in person, NFL package, etc.)?

Jake Bennett – Living in Chattanooga, I almost always get the game on Fox Sports.  I most commonly watch them at home with my Father, but we do make the yearly trip or two down to the dome.

Ben Grazebrook – Being in the UK I usually watch games on the laptop on NFL Gamepass.

Sunny Minhas – I usually watch live Falcons football on TV and past games on my computer with’s streaming package.

Mike Gibbons – Fortunately, I’m in a TV market that gets the Falcons games on Fox. I’m in S.C., but our TV channels are in Augusta. Sorry, Panthers fans!

4. Where would you rank Desmond Trufant among the league’s DBs?

Jake Bennett – Trufant is a perfect example of good drafting by the front office.  He quickly established himself as one of the best defensive backs in the league, and I would be willing to say he’s a top 5 corner that will continue to improve.

Ben Grazebrook – Ranking DB’s is always a tricky business especially CB’s as you have to take into account so many different factors. Trufant’s play was extraordinary last season when you consider he was a rookie, when you take into account the was a rookie playing on arguably the worst defense in the league then you start to realize how special Dez played last year. I would argue that last year Trufant was a top 10 corner in the league and with an improved defense around him this year he should hopefully emerge as one of the league’s best corners.

Sunny Minhas – I hate ranking players after 1 year, but Trufant did have an excellent season. Right now, I think he’s just outside of the top-10. Once he starts turning some of his deflections into interceptions, all he will do is climb up and up the rankings.

Mike Gibbons – Probably a top 10 corner, with a chance to elevate himself to that elite rank.

5. What will be the weakest link in the Falcons overall team that will have to be overcome this year?

Jake Bennett – The weakest link in the Falcons team can be pointed out as the pass rush, and rightfully so.  But, I believe halftime adjustments are an equal area of weakness as well.

Ben Grazebrook – Much like last year the Falcons biggest flaw this year will be the lack of a pass rush. The Falcons have built a pretty solid defense and if we had a genuine pass rushing threat on the outside this unit could be a legitimate top 10 defense, as it is this is not the case and the Falcons will ultimately once again suffer due to a lack of consistent pressure on the QB.

Sunny Minhas – The pass rush. I think I understand what Nolan’s vision is for the defense (stuff the run, force 3rd and longs, confuse) but I just think the strategy could backfire without a top pass rusher. I hope I’m wrong though.

Mike Gibbons – Until it proves otherwise, the O-line needs dramatic improvement.