Falcons vs Saints: Firing Back At WhoDatDish “Falcons Need To Wise Up”


Well, the Atlanta Falcons biggest rivals New Orleans Saints have already started talking a little smack.  The Falcons vs Saints rivalry is yet to be gone.

The incredibly stupid catch “Rise Up” should be replaced by “Wise Up”, WhoDatDish.com

Go read the article, then come back here. I’m going to defend every terrible statement that Barry Hirstius of WhoDatDish.com wrote.

First, Barry said that the Falcons are in “panic and desperation mode.”

Oh please….

There is plenty of reason to be optimistic about our season. Quarterback Matt Ryan is coming off of yet another very solid season, Steven Jackson is a proven running back that could very well make a case for the Pro-Bowl if he can back in his routine, and Desmond Trufant is going to continue to shut down receivers. Literally, all I have to say is two words: Dynamic Offense. If a team has players that include a QB like Ryan and a receiving duo of Roddy White and Julio Jones, they are not in “desperation” mode.

It will take a lot more than just being featured on Hard Knocks.”

Secondly (this may be the most ridiculous one of them all), Barry said two things about our passing game.

“Yes…Yes…. I know Julio Jones is back — but unless Julio is going to literally CARRY this team on his back, they’re not going anywhere. The Falcons lack team effot.” 

Do you remember that only two years ago this team was 13-3? I don’t live in the past, I just thought I’d point that fact out. Now back to the argument.

To say Julio Jones needs to carry this team for them to be successful is just terrible. Have we forgotten about the insanely talented Roddy White? Or how about Harry Douglas? While we talk about White and Douglas, we might as well throw in the rest of the team. Barry doesn’t really specify what he means by “team effort” but I am going to assume that he is saying our offense doesn’t have enough talent. So let me just put a list out there.

  • Roddy White
  • Julio Jones
  • Matt Ryan
  • Jake Matthews
  • Jon Asamoah
  • Steven Jackson
  • Jacquizz Rodgers
  • Devonta Freeman

I’ll give Matthew one point. The pass rush doesn’t look too hot, for now. But please, stop with the secondary and running game madness.

Desmond Trufant is one of the best in the leauge

Desmond Trufant is one of the best and underrated corners in the game. Don’t sleep on Robert Alford or Josh Wilson, they both have the ability to cover and tackle well. And the safeties are competing hard in camp right now, our coaches will figure it out.

Our running game is also vastly underrated. Steven Jackson is still a great back to have in a team despite the down year, Jacquizz Rodgers is one of the best backups in the league, and go do your own research on Devonta Freeman (Freeman=Beast).

So, there you have it.