Eric Weems Signing Makes Sense, Here’s Why


First of all, let’s get a fresh reminder in our head of how good Eric Weems can be.

If you’ve been keeping up with Atlanta Falcons news, lately there has been a whole lot of praise about Devin Hester and no I am not talking his returning skills.

Hester has been praised by his coaches by his “play-making ability” on offense, not to mention that Julio Jones also stated that the former-Chicago Bear is “helping them on offense.

There is no doubt that he can contribute in a Dexter McCluster or Coradarrelle Patterson type of way offensively, he doesn’t have to return to contribute!

“When we picked up Devin I personally wasn’t sure if he was going to be more than a returner for us. I’ve been very happy, as have all of the coaches, with how Devin has taken to the wide receiver stuff,” Dirk Koetter, Offensive Coordinator

It makes sense that the former pro bowler Eric Weems is coming back to “Rise Up Nation.” Although he struggled a bit the past two years, it is pretty obvious that this kid can still be an elite returner in the league.

And hey, why not?!? It was reported that this is only a one year deal, so if it doesn’t work out bye bye Weems. But other than that, we are looking at a dynamic and explosive returner, come on Rise Up Nation no one knows that better than you guys.

And no offense to Jabin Sombrano, but he probably wouldn’t have done much for the team, if at all. Eric Weems was a great signing to the special teams (although I beg that the Falcons are keeping an eye on Aubrayo Franklin and Michael Huff).