Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Roster Battles

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Nov 20, 2013; Toledo, OH, USA; Toledo Rockets wide receiver Bernard Reedy (1) makes a touchdown catch with Northern Illinois Huskies cornerback Marlon Moore (21) covering him during the third quarter at Glass Bowl. The Huskies beat the Rockets 35-17. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Wide Receiver

Role: WR/ST, #5 WR

In The Race: Courtney Roby, Eric Weems, Bernard Reedy, Geraldo Boldewijn

Firstly, I’ve broken this down into two roles. I firmly believe the team wants a wide receiver that doubles as a special teams ace. That battle would be between Courtney Roby and Eric Weems, who both made their names in the 3rd phase of the game. Roby is predominantly a gunner although he’s had experience returning kicks in the past. Weems is adept at both. Neither would figure to hit the field that often so it comes down to who the team believes is more valuable and impactful in their capacity.

The Falcons might not even have room for a 6th WR. Bernard Reedy and Geraldo Boldewijn are both undrafted rookies and each bring a different skillset. The former is small and rapid while the latter possesses a large frame to shield away defenders. Reedy made some impressive plays against Miami, catching two intermediate passes and adding sizable YAC to them. He has been quiet since, rarely hitting the field. 6 other wide receivers have played more snaps than him.

Boldewijn has been up and down but he has played more snaps than any other WR. There were some passes he has failed to snag in the first 2 games which were thrown in his vicinity, but he did look good against the Titans as he caught 2 passes for 33 yards. He has been called raw by Thomas Dimitroff on Hard Knocks so that could explain all the snaps he’s been given as the teams try to acclimate him to NFL speed.

My Verdict: I think we will only keep 5 total wide receivers on the roster, with the 5th and final spot going to Eric Weems. His advantage over Roby is his ability to act as an emergency returner. Reedy and Boldewijn will go to the practice squad. Reedy’s lack of snaps signals to me that the team is content with what they got but don’t want him to be poached by other teams. Boldewijn is still raw and a year on the practice squad to develop will do wonders for next season.