Devin Hester and Adam “Pacman” Jones Already Talking Smack


Devin Hester of the Atlanta Falcons has never been shy to speak his mind. He’s been in plenty of fights, talked plenty of smack, and played pretty damn well in his 9th year in the NFL.

Adam “Pacman” Jones is no different then Hester. Jones is known for his playmaking abilities, but also all the confidence and “cockiness” that he holds.

These two are the perfect match-up for each other, and they are already going at it.

It started with Jones claiming he is better than Hester at returning the football.

"“I’m sorry: He’s a good returner, but he’s not better than me,” Jones told ESPN. “He’s played more games than me, way more games than me. I don’t feel like there’s anybody better than me when I’m right there. I’ve said that a long time before right now.”"

You didn’t think Devin Hester was just going to brush that off did you?

"“He said that last year when we played them,” Hester said. “Every year I’ve played him, he’s said something like that. He’s all right. He’s a quick guy. But how many returns does he have? Maybe four? I can’t compare myself to him.”"

So Hester is claiming that Jones hasn’t played enough (mocking him by saying he has four returns) to even be in the same conversation with himself.

Let’s face it, it was disrespectful for Pacman to just start talking about the best kick returner in NFL history. But Hester said it was common and not surprising.

"“Every return man is going to try and compare himself to me,” Hester said. “That’s just the way it is. If you look at the stats, I’m on top of the list. So everybody, when it’s time to play me, is going to try and want to be the next Devin Hester.”"

Roddy White also chimed in on the debate, telling ESPN that this is ridiculous.

"“Oh my god,” White said. “You’re talking about Hall of Famer and then [Jones]. I don’t even know how many Pacman’s got. It’s like apples to oranges, man. Devin, everybody knows what he can do in the return game. “It’s good for [Jones] to feel that way. We’ll see on Sunday. We’ve got a couple more days before we get out there. And then him and Devin can have their matchup in the return game.”"