Are the Atlanta Falcons For Real?


Starting out the season 2-1 is no joke for the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan looks elite. Julio Jones is a physical specimen. Roddy White and Devin Hester are great offensive weapons, and the most important thing: the defense is actually not very bad.

Are the Atlanta Falcons for real?

Well, before we get to talking about how good the offense is, let’s break down this defense…

  • Corey Peters is starting to step up, looks completely healthy
  • Young corners in Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford is, most of the time, shutting down receivers
  • Turnovers here and there
  • Paul Worrilow is the leader and centerpiece of the D

Here is a few quotes from Adnan on his thoughts of the corners on the outside.

"“After just his rookie season, Desmond Trufant looks to be a top 10 corner in the NFL. Despite the porous season the Falcons’ tumultuous defense had last year, Trufant more than held his own: he led the league with 15 pass breakups to go along with 2 interceptions, and allowed just 53.4% of balls thrown his way to be completed. He was voted Pro Football Focus’ Rookie of the Year for his excellent work. It’s amazing that Tru was able to do this despite the fact that the Falcons couldn’t generate a pass rush. Something that’s made the Washington product stand out in the NFL has been his closing speed. He ran a 4.38 second 40 yard rush at the combine, and even chased down CJ Spiller, one of the league’s fastest players, in a week 13 win against the Bills.Trufant’s partner in crime, Robert Alford, burst onto the seem in his first NFL game by picking off Drew Brees. Alford had 8 passes defensed to go along with 2 interceptions. He suffered, however, after starting CB Asante Samuel went down with an injury and opposing quarterbacks targeted him, sometimes exclusively, but the Southeastern Louisiana product had a strong finish to the season. He made Drew Brees’ life hard to open up the season once again a few weeks ago, by allowing only one catch in 43 total snaps played, which was the best ratio in the league during the opening weekend. Alford possess his own good speed: having run a 4.34 second 40 yard dash at the combine.”"

This D is just different, unique. Although analysts are going to rant on and on about how they “statistically” have one of the worst defenses in the NFL, it’s more than that. The point is to get off the field and not allow points, and that is what they seem to be great at. I’m not saying the Atlanta Falcons have even a good defense, I am just stating they are NOT THAT BAD.

Now, the fun part: offense

  • Matt Ryan is an elite quarterback in the NFL, say what you want
  • Julio Jones is a top 3 receiver in the NFL, say what you want
  • The combination of Jones and Ryan is deadly…seems unstopabble
  • Offensive weapons are endless, including Roddy White, Devin Hester, and Antone Smith
  • Steven Jackson is deserving of a starting spot in the NFL
  • Offensive line is holding up, Jake Matthews is already a star
  • DiMarco may be the BEST fullback in the NFL

Listen, there is no way to describe how good this offense can be. If they are clicking, they are as deadly as Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Even if they are off-beat, the talent will cover it up and rack up at least 25 points a game.

There is a reason to be excited, but the question is: Are the Atlanta Falcons for real?

Verdict: Yes…