Atlanta Falcons: Massaquoi, Umenyiora Need More Snaps


NFL coaches get paid well to coach players and win games. Most times it’d difficult to lobby for more playing time for specific players because most teams have closed practices.

There is however one thing that can support a player deserving more playing time and that is the stats. Numbers don’t lie. I have thoroughly examined our defensive end play this season and I have come to the conclusion that our defense would be a lot better if Umenyiora and Massaquoi received more snaps.

Let’s examine the proof. Thanks to pro football focus superior stat system we can easily breakdown player performance. Here are the stats I choose to pull from Pro Football Focus website, about the Atlanta Falcons’ pass rushers.

Player               Snap count                       QB hits                   Sacks                           Rating

PlayerSnap CountQB HurriesSacksRatings
Kroy Beirmann756255-9.3
Malliciah Goodman532141-10.4
Jonathan Massaquoi31491 1.3
Osi Umenyiora312213-0.1

It is actually no comparison in the defensive ends performance. Massaquoi is the only one to receive an overall positive grade. Umenyiora is very close to having a positive grade. The stat really sticks out is that both Biermann rating is -9.3 and Goodmans’ is -10.4 which even the worst mathematician can distinguish that those grades aren’t very good….

Let’s look even deeper. Biermann and Goodman have received the lion’s share of snaps between the defensive ends yet neither have the numbers to show that they should be on the field over Mass and Osi. Biermann only has 5 sacks despite having 756 snaps while Osi has 3 snaps in 444 less snaps. What really jumps out is that Kroy has only hurried the quarterback 4 more times than Osi has with an astonishing 444 more snaps. I’m quite sure if Massaquoi had more snaps he would have hurried the quarterback a lot more.

The argument from those that support Biermann and Goodman would probably be that they are better in run support. I think that teams are able to break contain and run outside against our defense because Goodman, Biermann and Babineaux are too slow to stop the runners from getting the corner.

I’m sure the Atlanta Falcons secondary would love for the defensive front to put more pressure on the quarterback. If Osi and Massaquoi each got at least 40 snaps per game I think the defense would be much better because they could get some serious heat on the quarterback.

There are two games remaining, if the Falcons really want to make the playoffs they are going to have to pressure Drew Bree’s. The only 2 on the Atlanta Falcons that is capable of getting constant pressure are Osi and Massaquoi. That’s not me talking the stats don’t lie. Rise UP! Do you think Osi and Massaquoi could make a difference on defense? Join the conversation by commenting below.