Michael Vick Changed Twitter Picture to Falcons Uniform


Michael Vick recently changed his Twitter avatar to himself in a football uniform, in an Atlanta Falcons uniform…

(via CBSSports.com)

Vick hasn’t been with the Falcons in years, but it is highly questionable of why he would change his Twitter picture of himself in a Falcons jersey. Maybe misses being with the team, because a lot of Falcons fans sure to miss him.

Michael Vick hasn’t been associated with the Atlanta Falcons since he went to jail many years ago when he was a rising QB in the NFL

"“League sources tell CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora that Vick isn’t close to any deal with any team just yet so don’t expect to see him in an actual Falcons uniform any time soon.” CBSSports.com"

A possible explanation is himself asking for photoshop help.

Either way, there is almost no chance that Vick would come back to the Atlanta Falcons as of today. Matt Ryan still stands as the face of the franchise as QB.

Oh, and by the way, his bracket is still perfect.