Atlanta Falcons Must Keep Cordarrelle Patterson in Check


Cordarrelle Patterson can change the course of the game at any point in any given time. From a 90 yard end-around burst to the end zone, to a 109 yard kickoff return, he can do it all. The Atlanta Falcons must keep the young speedster in check. Here are his stats thus far.

Cordarrelle Patterson- Stats Through Week 3 of 2014

  • 11 receptions for 143 yards, an average of 13.0
  • 4 attempts rushing for 95 yards, 1 TD
  • 7 returns for 191 yards, longest being 43 yards

Patterson, as you can see above, is a dynamite that is waiting to go off. Especially without Adrian Peterson, the Vikings try to utilize this guy as much as they possibly can without the whole defense on him. I am speaking mainly of his average. When he catches the ball, it is usually a play that has number 84 running past the corners for a 50 yard gain, or an end-around that results in a 30 yard touchdown.

This kid is fast, big, and damn explosive. Not many players can make a living in the NFL with a triple threat style, receiving, running, returning, but Patterson made it work thus far. Just look at the play below…..

Don’t be fazed by the “low” returning average either, because Cordarrelle is a guy that is just as feared as Devin Hester or Pacman Jones. Ben Goessling of talked about his returning kickoffs this year, and admitted that even though Patterson is off to a slow start, he is bound to break one soon enough.

"“The Vikings haven’t been able to get Cordarrelle Patterson going like they did last year; he brings so many kicks out from seven or eight yards deep in the end zone that he winds up with an impressive return average, even when he’s not advancing the ball much past the 25-yard line. His longest return this year is 43 yards, and that started eight yards deep in the end zone. But the thing with Patterson is, his vision is so good, and he’s so dangerous when he hits top speed, that a big return could be coming at any time.”"

The Atlanta Falcons must minimize Cordarrelle Patterson as much as possible. Big plays are going to happen, and it is probably Cordarrelle Patterson that is going to be that guy but too much of these runs, catches, or returns will send the Dirty Birds back on the plane with a grim face.