Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart Breakdown: Quarterbacks

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This is the first of a new series, where we will be breaking down each position on the Atlanta Falcons’ roster following the additions made in the 2015 NFL Draft. We will start from the top with the quarterback position.

Naturally, we begin this series with the quarterback position. Of course, we all know who will be the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons in 2015, and that’s a good thing.

It doesn’t matter how talented your roster is, without a talented quarterback, the chances of winning a championship are slim.

Finding the man to lead the franchise isn’t easy, either. You only have to look across the NFC South to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to see how tough that can be. They may have finally found their guy in Jameis Winston, but it’s been a long struggle to get to this point.

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Teams like the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets have top-five defenses and growing offenses. The one area that remains uncertain for both clubs is at quarterback, and their success in 2015 will ultimately lie on the production they can get from their starter.

With Tom Brady as quarterback, the New England Patriots have failed to make the playoffs just once since 2002. The only year they missed out, 2008, they finished 11-5.

Aaron Rodgers became the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in 2008, and missed out on the playoffs that season, but has led his team into the postseason each year since.

Finding the quarterback to lead a franchise is tough, but the Falcons have the man.

Let’s take a look at the Falcons’ depth chart for the most important position in football.

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