Bruce Irvin To Atlanta Falcons To Ignite Dan Quinn’s Defense?


It was inevitable when Dan Quinn left the Seattle Seahawks that many of his former players would be linked to the Atlanta Falcons. Could Bruce Irvin be on his way to Atlanta?

There has been speculation recently that he could be looking for a move after the Seahawks didn’t pick up his fifth-year option.

Shockingly however, Irvin hasn’t denied or even ignored the chatter, but rather added fuel to the fire.

Per Samuel Logan of BSO Sports, Irvin is indeed seeking a move to the Falcons:

"“I’m going to be in Atlanta next season. I’m ready,” said Irvin in response to my question about where he wants to be after his contract his up."

Irvin is of course referring to the fact that he will hit free agency at the end of the 2015 season, and it would seem that the possibility to play under Quinn again is a major part of the reason Atlanta would be his preferred destination.

Irvin was born in Atlanta, also, which must sweeten the deal for him if he does indeed make the move at some point down the line.

It got even more interesting from there, however. As Logan writes:

"I asked Irvin if the Seahawks “showed him the money”, would he stay and he said:“Atlanta is where I want to be. Believe that,” said Irvin."

Initially, rumors were swirling that defensive tackle Michael Bennett was unhappy with the terms of his contract in Seattle and was looking for a trade to be reunited with Quinn in Atlanta. These rumors were quickly shot down, however.

Quinn seems to be very popular in Seattle. The fact a player like Irvin would want to make the move from a team looking to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl for a third straight year speaks volumes for the Falcons’ new coach.

Will the Falcons add Bruce Irvin to the team in 2016? Could they even make a trade with Seattle before then and line up him up with Vic Beasley in 2015?

What do you think?

This Atlanta Falcons defense might be on the verge of adding another playmaker.

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