Atlanta Falcons: Top 10 all-time draft classes – #10


Today, we continue our “Falcons 50” countdown with a new mini-series by staff writer Eric Robinson. Over the next ten days, he will be looking at the Atlanta Falcons’ best ever draft classes.

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The Atlanta Falcons have a respectable amount of efficient and productive draft classes. Notable draft classes include the 2013 Draft which granted the Falcons a solid CB tandem in Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford.

The 1999 class provided the team a DE in Patrick Kerney and his 82.5 sacks and a center in Todd McClure who was a staple for Falcons offensive lines over the years.

Today we will begin the portion of our “Falcons 50” countdown that focuses on the top draft classes in Falcons history. We kickoff the countdown with a draft that brought a young gunslinger from Mississippi to the Georgia Dome.

10. 1991 – Notable names: Brett Favre, Mike Pritchard, Erric Pegram

1. Bruce Pickens, CB
1. Mike Pritchard, WR
2. Brett Favre, QB
4. Moe Gardner, NT
5. James Goode, LB
6. Erric Pegram, RB
7. Brian Mitchell, DB
7. Mark Tucker, C
8. Randy Austin, TE
9. Ernie Logan, DE
10. Walter Sutton, WR
11. Joe Sims, NT
12. Bob Christain, RB

Coming off a 5-11 1990 season, coach Jerry Glanville and the Falcons landed the #3 overall pick in the 1991 draft. That particular pick gave the Falcons CB Bruce Pickens out of Nebraska. It’s safe to say that Pickens was not a staple in Falcons lore as he only lasted two full seasons and part of his third.

The Falcons used the second of their two first round picks and selected WR Mike Pritchard out of Colorado.

Pritchard parlayed his 1991 rookie year to the tune of 50 receptions for 624 yards and two touchdowns. Pritchard also gave the Falcons three years of his career while having a solid year in ’92 with 77 catches, 827 yards and five scores.

However, the teams’ second round pick probably has gained most of the spotlight when discussing this 1991 class.

Glanville grabbed quarterback Brett Favre in the second round even with QBs Chris Miller and Billy Joe Tolliver already in place.

Yes, I know. Odd.

Especially with the fact that the Falcons were coming off a season where they ranked 10th overall by seasons’ end. What came of Favre’s rookie season you ask? Oh. Just 0 for 4, 0 yards, and two measly INTs.

RB Erric Pegram went from a sixth round draft pick with long odds to rushing for 1,185 yards and 3 TDs in 1993 for the Falcons.

The pick that stood out the most was Favre. No question.

Not only because he was drafted early when the team had solid play already at the QB position, but because Favre was drafted, traded after the one dreadful season and churned out a Hall of Fame career with 11 Pro Bowls, 3 MVPs, and a Super Bowl title in Green Bay.

Kind of makes you wonder what if, doesn’t it?