Atlanta Falcons: Five greatest running backs of all-time

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Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In recent years, the NFL has steered into a more pass-friendly league, meaning the running back position has become less of an impact position than in decades ago. But it is impossible to argue the impact of the greats at the position who have immortalized themselves in Atlanta Falcons history. 

Along the way, there have been quite a few Falcons who have left their marks on the league, but how do these backs stack up against each other? Who is the greatest? And what did they do that is worth remembering as a Falcons fan?

Recently with the likes of Michael Turner, Warrick Dunn, and others, the Falcons have been a highly run-oriented team. That position has defined the successes for so many years, and it is because of the people on this list. Whether or not another “true” answer will come to the Falcons in the future remains to be seen, but there is much to remember in the previous decades as legends and gridiron gods have donned the Falcons jersey.

These godlike ball carriers set into motion the momentum of the Falcons, and every bit of praise is warranted as we tap into these rankings. Will your favorite running back be on this list? Now, we are about to take a gaze into the days of yesteryear and remember the greatness that became franchise royalty at the running back position. Let’s begin.

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