Atlanta Falcons: Five players to watch in last preseason game

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1) Devonta Freeman, RB

Oct 26, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman (24) drives past Detroit Lions outside linebacker Tahir Whitehead (59) during the second half of the game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Devonta Freeman is by far the player to watch in game four, but there isn’t even a guarntee he plays. Freeman has not played in the preseason due to a nagging hamstring injury, but has been more and more involved in practice over the last two weeks.

Freeman will most likely play and needs to if he want’s to win the starting job over Tevin Coleman. Freeman is a great young back and may be the only running back on this team capable of dealing with a poor offensive line. He is able to break tackles and hide behind his blockers which plays to his advantage.

On top of that, he is great at catching the ball which will keep him out on the field on third downs without a doubt. If Freeman plays, keep an eye on his health and how he handles playing behind a bad offensive line. If he doesn’t play, keep an eye on how Coleman does in his second career NFL game.