Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles: Tale of the tape

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The coaches

It all starts at the top. In one corner, the Falcons are led by new head coach Dan Quinn. On the other, the new-look Eagles are conducted by Chip Kelly. Both are relatively new as head coaches in the NFL: Kelly is entering just his third season, while it’s a rookie year of sorts for Quinn. That’s very much where the similarities end.

Quinn wants to stamp the Falcons with his fast and physical identity, built on the foundations of a dominant defense. Quinn comes from a history of defense, having served as defensive line coach in Miami and New York before working as defensive coordinator in Seattle most recently. Kelly on the other hand is an offensive-minded leader with the intention of building a fast-paced, scheme-happy offense.

And that’s exactly what he’s done in Philadelphia. The Eagles are becoming the masters of the no-huddle offense, and the speed at which they operate can wear down even the best defenses. Quinn’s Falcons won’t be in such a rush, though. The fast and physical attitude refers to the football. When Atlanta don’t have it, they need to go get it.

These two young head coaches should have quite the battle Monday night. You have to give the edge to Kelly due to his experience and time he’s had to build his roster.

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