Four reasons the Atlanta Falcons will bounce back from loss

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The right coach

This offseason, the hype that swirled in the air about the arrival of Dan Quinn was unparalleled to the other new hires around the NFL. It was as if he had already become great by what he and Pete Carroll were able to do in Seattle, and the excitement is warranted when it comes to Quinn.

The Falcons were a match away from being considered a dumpster fire last year, and the roster Quinn had when he took the gig seemed to leave a lot to be desired. Whether it was a dropped pass here or a blown coverage there, last year, there just seemed to be something missing. And that void has been found.

When you see Quinn patrol the sidelines, it’s easy to see why the players love what he’s doing in the locker room and on the field. He dominates every square inch that is around him, and his intensity seems contagious. That is what it takes to pull the team from the throngs of decay that had gripped them for a few years.

Quinn is the perfect guy for the job, and he will continue to lead this team much better than where they were before him. It may take a little more time for it to pan out fully, but with his leadership and intensity, the Falcons will improve.

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