Atlanta Falcons: Five things we learned in loss to 49ers

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2) The defense played good enough to win

Nov 8, 2015; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Atlanta Falcons defensive end Vic Beasley (44) intercepts the pass intended for San Francisco 49ers tight end Vance McDonald (89) during the fourth quarter at Levi

If you hear the media explain to you that Blaine Gabbert beat the Falcons, then turn your tv, computer or radio off immediately because that was not what happened. The 49ers defense was the reason San Francisco won this game, not Gabbert.

Gabbert completed 15 of 25 for 185 yards and had two touchdowns and two interceptions. Gabbert’s second touchdown pass was on rookie corner Jalen Collins so don’t jump to conclusion that it was a great play. Other than that, the Falcons’ defense played a great game. A game good enough to win.

The only defensive stat that matters is the amount of points you allow. The Falcons allowed 17 points, and zero in the entire second half. If the Falcons hold a team to 20 of fewer, they should win every single game they play. In no way shape or form should you blame the defense for this loss. They did what it took to win this game without Robert Alford, William Moore and Justin Durant.