Atlanta Falcons: Potential WR draft pick Corey Davis


The Atlanta Falcons could target wide receiver Corey Davis in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The NFL is and has been full of wide receivers who made a name for themselves at non-Power 5 conferences, including New England’s Julian Edelman and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown.

In regards to Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis, the talented pass catcher has truly etched his name in the record books during his three collegiate seasons. The receiving corps of the Atlanta Falcons is a question mark long-term. The talent of Davis can come in and provide a much needed infusion. Let’s take a look at the scouting report of Davis and what he has to offer.

WR Corey Davis

Height: 6’3

Weight: 205

2015 stats: 82 catches, 1,253 yards, 11 TDs

Strengths: Size, size, and more size. Davis is a matchup issue for some DBs due to his size and long legs. Long strides as a runner and shows good wiggle/agility for a guy his size. Able to fight off press coverage by physical corners. Very good route runner with a versatile route tree. A consistent producer of yards after catch.

Gave Michigan State fits earlier this season with a stat sheet of 10 catches, 154 yards, and a TD. Recorded at least 941 receiving yards in his three seasons as a Bronco including posting 78 catches, 1,408 yards, and 15 TDs in 2014.

Weaknesses: Good speed but not elite, which you can chalk up as ding against his size. It’s possible his impressive production is the result of middle-tier competition in the MAC conference. May have a slight learning curve as the NFL will be a major jump in terms of competition. His blocking needs some polish, can be a effective due to his size. 

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Outlook: The more tape I watch on this guy, the more I would be happy to see him as a Falcon. A possible scenario of having two receivers in Julio and Davis that have size, route running skills, and solid hands is something to consider.

While his blocking may need some time to harness a respectable amount of ability, Davis can be a handful to defend. His speed is not in the realm where some may prefer but Davis is not considered a “slow” receiver. He is more quick than fast.

With Roddy White getting up in age and Leonard Hankerson not a guarantee to return in 2016, it may be time for Quinn and the front office to observe some options and Davis could be considered.