NFL Power Rankings: Cardinals rise, Broncos fall in Week 15

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Dec 13, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) celebrates after his team scores a touchdown during the first half of the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports


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The Carolina Panthers are a week closer to making history, and they put in their most impressive performance of the season against the Atlanta Falcons. The Panthers went in for the kill early and put the game away inside the first quarter, with Cam Newton firing a 74-yard touchdown to Ted Ginn, despite the drive starting from their own 7-yard line.

The Falcons may be a bad football team right now, but winning a game 38-0 against any opposition is a tough accomplishment. You can only beat who is in front of you, and the Panthers didn’t just beat the Falcons, they tore them apart.

Carolina isn’t a 13-0 football team easing its way into the playoffs, it’s one getting better with each passing week. Was this win the start of their peak? If so, it’s the perfect time. In the NFL, teams that get hot in December often stay hot throughout the postseason. The Panthers were warm in September, but now they are red hot and ready to continue their march towards the perfect season.

Cam Newton probably wishes the playoffs could start now. The way this team is playing, can anybody stop them?