Atlanta Falcons: Top 20 games in franchise history

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7)  Falcons 37, Cowboys 35: September 21, 1986

A game for the ages

Dave Archer, who is the current radio voice of the Atlanta Falcons didn’t play quarterback all that long but he managed to put together some extremely exciting games while he was here. His best game came in  1986 in which he led the Falcons to their first victory over the Cowboys in 10 years.

With the Cowboys up 35-27 midway though the fourth quarter,  Gerald Riggs scored on a 2-yard run to bring the Falcons within a point with 3:28 remaining in the game. The Falcons got the ball back  on their own 20-yard line with 1:35 to go and the rest is history.

Archer completed a 21-yard pass to Ken Whisenhunt and then connected with Floyd Dixon on a 65-yard pass which set up the Falcons on the Dallas 2-yard line. After kicking the go-ahead field goal, Cowboys’ quarterback Danny White found Tony Hill on a deep pass on the final play of the game and had a chance to take it all the way but was tripped up and pushed out-of-bounds to secure the victory for the Falcons.

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