Atlanta Falcons: Fantasy Outlook Finishing the Season

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Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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Roddy White (5 Catches, 67 Receiving Yards: 6.7 Points): Roddy White trash talked before this match, and he backed it up: getting some really crucial first down catches, and playing like the true possession receiver he is. Not only that, but White also drew a massive unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Charles Tillman which extended the first drive, and led to a touchdown.

I would not touch White in fantasy drafts next season, however. He is over the hill, and will probably be overtaken by Justin Hardy next season. Speaking of which…

Justin Hardy (2 Catches, 15 Receiving Yards: 1.5 Points): Hardy didn’t really make his presence felt in this one, but it was difficult to do so with the way Jones was playing, and the way White was stepping up. He is another player I wouldn’t touch in drafts next year, unless you’re in a dynasty league. I wouldn’t take him until the back end in those leagues either.

Jacob Tamme (4 Catches, 29 Receiving Yards: 2.9 Points): Jacob Tamme got a couple of big first downs, and had some good catches, but still ended up with less than 30 yards. Stay away from him in drafts next season, unless the Falcons bring in no TE help over the off-season, in which case you can take him at the very back end.