Atlanta Falcons: Ten ways team can be fixed in 2016

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2. Linebackers

It’s hard to imagine that a team like the Falcons would be in the talks of being the worst linebacking corps in the NFL, but, then again, if you watch them play, maybe it’s not hard to imagine.

For what seems like ten years, the Falcons cannot stop the tight end in any game that they play. And these dumps over the middle have become the Achilles heel to this defense who already struggles to pressure the quarterback, leaving their secondary on an island.

When that happens, every quarterback (including Blane Gabbert) can carve this defense like a Thanksgiving turkey. And, though they may be decent against the run, the lack of great players at the linebacker position has stymied much of the Falcons attempts to take that next step on defense.

Sure. They brought in the like of Brooks Reed and Justin Durant in free agency last year, but both of them struggled to stay on the field, leaving former waterboys to fill these positions. And the inability of this area choked out much of the life of this defense.

More than likely, the Falcons will draft a player at the linebacker position at some point in this draft, but what is best for this team is to bring in a couple more veterans to anchor this position as the young players around them grow into their full potential.

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